Naturrutan or Five Fun Facts (this being, by far, the most childish one)





For the third fun fact about nature this blog revives an old favorit quiz of mine originally from a nature tv-show for children. The show was called Myror i brallan (Ants in your pants) and the quiz was Gissa bajset? (Who’s poo?).  Today I will publish four pictures and you can make your guesses in the comments! As a clue I can tell you that all the pictures have been taken in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.


The largest of the samples is nr 1



I give you a quite fresh nr 2



Next to slightly larger feet then mine is nr 3



Last and smallest in our lineup is nr 4



If you need a second clue here it comes. They are all from wild animals.

I’ll announce the answers as a new years gift on Thursday.

Till then, XOXO darlings!

3 reaktioner till “Naturrutan or Five Fun Facts (this being, by far, the most childish one)

  1. Fina! Förlåt för sent svar. Har varit sjuk.
    1. Gaur
    2. Elefant
    3. Leopard
    4. Småfågel

    Tack för era svar ni var ju definitivt på rätt spår! Puss


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